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Fight Back! fundraising event builds the newspaper that builds the struggle

By staff

Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly, speaking at Minneapolis fundraising event.

Minneapolis, MN – About 50 people came together here, Jan. 25, for an event that raised more than $1500 for Fight Back!

Leaders in the labor, immigrant rights, student, anti-war and welfare rights movements gave short toasts stressing the importance of Fight Back! to the struggles they are building.

Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly stated that the role of revolutionary press is to build the struggle, help people understand that we have an enemy – the capitalists and their system – that can and will be destroyed and to advocate for socialism, a system where the working class holds political power.

Kelly also reported that the online edition of Fight Back! had about 1 million page views this past year and that the next print edition of the paper would be out in late February.

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