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Election demonstrated political maturity of the Venezuelan people

By Communist Party of Venezuela

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Oct. 20 statement from the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). The article was translated by the staff of Fight Back!

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) expressed its satisfaction with the demonstration of political maturity from the Venezuelan working people with their massive participation in the recent regional elections, which gave a clear message of rejection to the fascist sectors and their agenda of violence that had been carried out for months in the major cities of the country.

This was expressed by Carlos Aquino, member of the PCV Political Bureau, who suggested that “there had been a significant rejection by certain sectors of violent guarimbero [right-wing opposition] politics, that do not reflect the positions and opinions of the diverse peoples that still support the opposition sectors.”

Aquino indicated, furthermore, that the regional election also represented an action “in defense of our country, our sovereignty, and the self-determination of our people, to establish the path of development that suits us best and that we establish as the people.”

The PCV also recognized the transparency of the electoral process and supports the proposal of President Nicolás Maduro to audit 100% of the votes on the national level.

PCV as the second force of the Patriotic Bloc

The PCV sent a thank you and combative recognition to the more than 300,000 people that expressed their support for the Communist ticket – as a critical message to the sectors of the pro-imperialist right and fascism, but also to the reformist and opportunist sectors in the seats of government.

“We were the second force among the patriotic organizations in 21 out of 23 states,” stated Carlos Aquino.

Moreover, what stood out was the significant weight that the patriotic parties in general, and the PCV in particular, had in guaranteeing victory in many states, which “should be a message that the national government must attend to, that permits them to realize the necessary path of their policy of alliances.”

In the specific case of the state of Apure, the PCV saluted the 28,248 men and women that expressed their critical vote for the revolutionary option of Víctor Castillo, achieving 14.4% of the vote “in spite of unprincipled actions, aggressions, and sectarianism on the part of the victorious candidate, with the weight of the state government.”

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