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Eight days into strike, Hastings, MN school food service workers stand strong

By staff

Hastings, MN – On day eight of the SEIU Local 284 food service worker strike against the Hastings Public Schools, workers gathered at McNamara Stadium here for a rally demanding a decent contract.

Although they’ve been battered by rain, bitter winds and cold temperatures over the last week on the winter picket line, the workers say they are resolute and will keep fighting until they win the contract they deserve.

Laurie Pottoff is a worker in the kitchen of Hastings High School. Pottoff said, “I am still pumped! We deserve more than the crumbs the district is offering. I am not ready to give up.”

On Friday, February 17, the afternoon picket lines swelled with Steelworkers from the nearby Flint Hill Refinery; Minneapolis Educators; University of Minnesota AFSCME members, supportive community allies, and many more. A local congresswoman spoke at their afternoon press conference to express her support. The district has still refused to come to the bargaining table. Workers remain committed to winning their demands of meaningful raises, access to quality health coverage and stability in hours.

Monday is President’s Day and picket lines will resume Tuesday morning and will continue until the district comes back to the table to negotiate a fair settlement.

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