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East Los Angeles to host 53rd commemorative event of the Chicano Moratorium

By staff

53rd Chicano Moratorium

Los Angeles , CA – Organizers of the event commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the 1970 Chicano Moratorium will be holding a cultural, political teatro and music, free event for the public. This year’s event will take place Saturday, August 26 at Ruben Salazar Park in East Los Angeles. It will begin at 4 p.m. and end at about 6 p.m. All participants are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair or blankets to enjoy the program.

The August 29, 1970 Chicano Moratorium was a tremendous day of celebration and resistance by Chicanos from all over the country. Over 30,000 gathered at then-named Laguna Park (now Ruben Salazar Park) demanding an end to the Vietnam war, a stop to police terrorism on Chicanos, and an end to discrimination against Chicanos. The event turned violent as both the LAPD and LASD brutally attempted to shut the event down. They killed three that day, including journalist and producer Ruben Salazar, Angel (José) Diaz, and a very young Brown Beret named Lyn Ward.

The large coalition of the 53rd anniversary event goes by the name Chicano Moratoria Continua and it is Chicano-led. Some of its makeup includes Centro Community Service Organization (CSO), Orange County CSO, Union del Barrio, Los Rucos, La Raza Unida Party, rank-and-file Teamsters, SEIU members, UTLA members, as well as the family of David Ordaz Jr., who was killed by the LASD.

Demands for this year’s commemorative event include Chicano self-determination, legalization for all of the undocumented, community control over sheriffs, boot out the deputy gangs, no U.S./NATO wars, protection of public education, as well as LGBTQ and women’s rights. A live band named Sounds of the Tribe will be performing songs throughout the event and will conclude the event with a live set.

For any questions contact the coalition at (323) 484-8630 or follow their social media:

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