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Denver workers, students and anti-war activists on the march on the RNC!

By Paul Nelson

Denver activists announce plans to march on the RNC.

Greenwood Village, CO – On Wednesday, July 3, a group of activists and community members came together in front of the Colorado Republican Party’s headquarters to announce their plans to join the march on the RNC.

Members of from Teamsters Local 455, Denver Anti-War Action (DAWA), and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) were present and spoke on the issues mobilizing their members to attend the march in Milwaukee on July 15. People in attendance wore shirts from local Colorado Palestine Coalition groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and carried homemade signs reading “Stop starving Gaza! End the blockade! Other signs read, “End U.S. aid to Israel!” and “Stop bombing Rafah now!”

First to speak was Sol Swain, sporting a black DAWA shirt with a fist breaking a missile on it. Swain stated that Trump “wants to complete the genocide! He wants every Palestinian in Gaza to be either murdered or ethnically displaced.”

Swain continued, “We must fight the Republicans and their reactionary agenda, and we must fight it with everything we've got!”

Khalid Hamu from SDS explained why local students are on the march, “Denver SDS has been fighting for Palestine and ties to Israel to be cut on our campus. We've organized a day of action against the Republican Greg Abbott for mobilizing troops to the border. We have mobilized people as a partner for reproductive rights and at the local level. The Republicans' racist and reactionary agenda is in contradiction to the wants and desires of students locally, as well as the organizing efforts of Denver Students for a Democratic Society. We will stand with Palestine and fight the racist and reactionary agenda of the Republican Party!”

Caleb Cobb, a rank-and-file Teamster 455 member and worker at Windigo Logistics said, “Trump wrecked the working class during the pandemic with the lack of hazard pay, non-strict COVID protocol and proper quarantine time. Many members when they were exposed had to come into work because they weren't given the proper time off.”

Organizers across the peoples’ movements in Colorado are on the march against what the Republicans have in store for this country, that much is clear. Workers, students and anti-war activists across the state are on the road to oppose the RNC in Milwaukee this July 15.

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