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Denver SDS divestment protest at home of University of Colorado Regent Callie Rennison

By staff

Protestors march down residential street.

Superior, CO – On Saturday, June 1, a group of several dozen protesters marched to the home of University of Colorado Regent Callie Rennison in Superior, Colorado.

Rennison is the chair of the University of Colorado (CU) board of regents, and thus bears special responsibility for the board’s failure to meet the demands of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to divest from corporations involved in the ongoing U.S.-Israeli genocide in Palestine.

Additionally, the students recently concluded a 22-day solidarity encampment on the Auraria Campus, one of the longest lasting encampments in the country.

Despite the encampment and nearly daily protests, sit-ins and other direct actions, the CU board of regents has thus far been silent on agreeing to SDS’s demand and have refused to meet with students. With administrators mainly working from home and refusing to engage with them, the students decided to go the home of the chair of the CU board of regents.

Outside of Rennison’s home, protesters led chants and marched in a picket circle. They were confronted by a small, violent group of far-right Zionists. The Zionists verbally harassed students, shoved them and called for increased violence against the Palestinian people. Despite this, the students were unfazed, and continued the protest outside of Rennison’s home for around two hours.

“We are seeing a genocide that is continues to escalate and our administration can’t meet our basic demands to cut ties with genocide, apartheid and occupation. Gaza can’t wait!” said Khalid Hamu, an organizer with Denver SDS.

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