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Democratic Korea calls for end to U.S. military occupation of south Korea

By staff

The leading newspaper of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Rodong Sinmun, urged all Koreans to put an end to U.S. military occupation and domination over south Korea, in a Jan. 26 article.

The article noted that “The south Korea-U.S. ‘mutual defense pact’ concluded 65 years ago is an unpardonable country-selling one as it has desperately blocked the independent development of the south Korean society, laid a stumbling block in the way of the Korean nation for peace and reunification of the country and brought a war disaster to Korea.”

The article also noted, “The south Korean people can neither get rid of misfortune and pain nor can the danger of war be defused on the Korean peninsula nor the north-south relations improve as long as the U.S. keeps south Korea under its military occupation and domination and sycophants and traitors are allowed to kowtow to the aggressors.”

The U.S. has about 30,000 troops stationed in south Korea and regularly partners with the south Korean authorities to stage provocative military exercises.

The U.S. recently upped the number of its troops on the Korean peninsula as a part of Washington’s “pivot towards Asia.” The “pivot” or “rebalancing towards Asia” as it has recently been rebranded, is the current U.S. strategy to dominate the Pacific region and contain socialist China by projecting military force, treaties and economic agreements.

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