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Dallas vigil for martyred Palestinians

By Cassandra Swart

Vigil in solidarity with Palestine.

Dallas, TX – On Saturday, August 13, 50 people raised Palestinian flags and held candles at the Grassy Knoll in downtown Dallas. They gathered to pay respects to the 49 Palestinians killed by Israel. Israel bombed people in Gaza, Palestine from August 5 to August 7.

Jo Hargis of the Dallas Anti-War Committee said, “The United States is guilty of every bomb dropped on Palestine and every murder of Palestinians,” stated Hargis. “The continued occupation of Palestine is only possible thanks to the billions of dollars a year in direct funding of weapons and in favorable trade deals.”

Rick Majumdar of the Dallas Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression spoke, “The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repressions offers its total and complete solidarity with the martyrs in Nablus, Gaza and all over occupied Palestine.”

Majumdar continued, “The genocidal apartheid regime of Israel would not stand a day without the uncritical support from the U.S. The same U.S. that funds murder across the world in Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Philippines and brings back murder to its own shores through the training of Dallas police officers with the Israeli Defense Forces. The same Dallas police who murder Black people in the streets and harass oppressed communities.”

After the speeches and a moment of silence, the names of the martyrs of Gaza, Palestine were read aloud. Prayers followed.

The vigil was called by Students for Justice in Palestine at UT Dallas, Palestinian Youth Movement, American Muslims for Palestine, Dallas Anti-War Committee, Dallas Peace and Justice Center, CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, and DSA North Texas.

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