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Dallas Palestine Coalition protests Israeli tech event

By Cassandra Swart

Dallas protesters display  "Palestinian lives matter" banner.

Dallas, TX – On February 19, about ten people with the Dallas Palestine Coalition gathered at the SMU Cox School of Business to protest an event titled “Texas’ Looming Water Crisis: How Israeli Tech Could Save the Day.” The tech event was meant to encourage sales of Israeli technology – products built on stolen and occupied Palestinian lands.

Some went in to ask questions at the event while others protested outside. Protesters displayed a “Palestinian lives matter” banner and chanted. Chants included “Israel steals Palestinian homes, land and water,” and “Israel continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land.”

“Most people know that Israel constantly violates Palestinian human rights and they have been killing indiscriminately protesters since last March, including women, children, medics and journalists,” stated Asad Shelami of the Dallas Palestine Coalition. “We are here to take a stand.”

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