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Dallas celebrates May Day 2019

By Cassandra Swart

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Dallas, TX – About 50 people gathered in Lake Cliff Park in Oak Cliff, Dallas to celebrate International Workers Day. The theme of the celebration was the resurgence of the strike in labor organizing, and recent victories for workers, such as the teachers' strikes.

Organizations present at the celebration included Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Migrante USA, Communist Party USA, Trans Pride Initiative, Communications Workers of America, International Marxist Tendency, and Workers World Party. Jo Hargis was the emcee of the celebration. The celebration opened with Denton musician Tristan Thornedyke, performing selections from his latest album, Post-Modern Dust Bowl.

Speakers included Kawana Scott of the North Texas Action Committee, who talked about the importance of advocating for community control of the police, and recent victories in campaigning for a stronger Police Oversight Board, stating that the fight would not be over until community control of the police was won. Next was Bonnie Mathias with the Communications Workers of America, discussing workers' struggles, and the local recent victory of mandatory paid sick leave being passed by the Dallas city council after a long campaign.

Nap Pempeña with Migrante USA discussed the plight of Filipino workers being trafficked to the United States by capitalists, ending with a call to internationalism, reminding everyone that the capitalists operate in multiple countries around the world. Prominent local activist Olinka Green gave an emotional and passionate speech about the need to unite and defend each other against oppression. Nell Gaither of Trans Pride Initiative spoke on prison liberation and highlighted the importance of the recent case of Estrella Ana Sofia Rodriguez-Ruiz, a transgender woman who was arrested after defending herself from a violently transphobic Dallas Area Rapid Transit employee. Cooper Feste of the Party for Socialism and Liberation gave a speech criticizing police enforcement of the anti-working-class, racist, war on drugs.

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