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Community rallies to get justice for Derek Williams, against police killings

By staff

Milwaukee protest against police murder of Derek Williams

Milwaukee, WI – On Oct. 7, dozens of people came together to challenge Police Chief Flynn and the Milwaukee Police Department on the murder of 22-year old Derek Williams.

This event, as well as others, comes in the wake of the release of new autopsy and video evidence that led to a homicide investigation of Milwaukee Police's District Five. Milwaukee Chief of Police Edward Flynn responded to the investigation, saying police would not be prosecuted and the officers involved would likely not be fired for their involvement Williams’ killing.

Many of those present at the event were family of Williams. Levi Mcdonald, Williams’ cousin, said, “I'm here to challenge injustice in Milwaukee and across the country. Someone needs to be held responsible for the death of Derek Williams. You cannot have a homicide without someone being held accountable. We want the officers prosecuted, and for Chief Flynn to resign.”

“The police will continue to do whatever we allow them to do,” he added.

Taking the microphone, another relative, Michelle McDonald, holding back tears, said, “All we want is justice. We love Derek and miss him and know we'll get justice and peace as long as we keep working together.”

In a show of defiance, organizers marched into the streets for nearly 20 blocks despite not having a permit, as the police eventually gave way and cleared traffic for those attending. The march route concluded, in the street, at the location of a recent homicide shooting in the community on 9th and Arlington.

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee came out in a showing of solidarity. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organizer Tiffany Strong said, “I'm here to stand in solidarity with those who have been the subject of police repression and brutality in this city. We cannot ignore acts like this, and by building a united movement, we'll see justice served.”

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