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Communist and workers parties oppose imperialism, stand with refugees and immigrants

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following joint statement from communist and workers parties. Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is among the signers. JOINT STATEMENT OF COMMUNIST AND WORKERS PARTIES

We must confront the exploitative system, which gives rises to wars, refugees, immigration and poverty. Solidarity now with the refugees and immigrants!

We, the communist and workers parties that sign this text:

We denounce the imperialist aggressiveness, the interventions and wars, the USA, NATO and the EU and their “allies”, like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The criminal activity of these powers has caused millions of people to become refugees and immigrants.

All the bourgeois governments which have been participating all these years with armies, providing every kind of assistance and reproducing all the pretexts used to justify the unleashing of these imperialist interventions also bear serious responsibilities.

We denounce the EU and the bourgeois governments that follow a line of police-military repression of the refugees, who are trying to escape war, destitution and the human trafficking networks.

WE CALL for the reinforcement of class unity and popular solidarity with the peoples that are the victims of imperialist interventions and capitalist exploitation.

WE CALL on the peoples to intensify the struggle against the causes that uproot millions of people from their homes and at the same time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the immigrants and refugees, who are experiencing difficult inhuman conditions. The peoples must demand that their governments take the necessary measures to receive and shelter the immigrants and refugees in a decent way, and also must demand the abolition of the repressive mechanisms of the EU including the Dublin III Regulations.

The Communist and Workers Parties fight against the attempts of the bourgeois class and the bourgeois governments to utilize the immigration-refugee problem as a means to abolish labor rights and to intensify the exploitation of refugees and immigrants, of the working class as a whole, in the destination countries.

In the interests of the workers we must unite our strength and intensify the struggle against the USA, NATO, EU, the imperialist interventions and wars, against every attempt by the imperialists to manipulate the peoples. We must organize and come into conflict with the exploitative system that gives rise to wars, refugees, immigration and poverty. So that the conditions can be created that will allow the refugees and immigrants to return to their homelands, with the peoples in charge of their own destiny.

1. Communist Party of Albania


3. Communist Party of Australia

4. Party of Labour of Austria

5. Communist Party of Bangladesh

6. Communist PArty of Britain

7. Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

8. Union of Communists in Bulgaria

9. Communist Party of Canada

10. AKEL

11. Communist Party in Denmark

12. Communist Party of Denmark

13. Communist Party of Finland

14. German Communist Party

15. Unified Communist Party of Georgia

16. Communist Party of Greece

17. People’s Progressive Party of Guyana

18. Tudeh Party of Iran

19. Communist Party of Ireland

20. Workers’ Party of Ireland

21. Communist Party, Italy

22. Communist Party of Malta

23. Communist Party of Mexico

24. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico

25. Communist Party of Norway

26. Communist Party of Pakistan

27. Palestinian Communist Party

28. Palestinian Peoples' Party

29. Philippines Communist Party [PKP-1930]

30. Russian Communist Workers Party

31. Communist Party of the Soviet Union

32. Communist Party of the Russian Federation

33. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

34. Party of the Communists of Serbia

35. Communist Party of Slovakia

36. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

37. Communist Party of Sweden

38. Syrian Communist Party

39. Communist Party of Tadjikistan

40. Communist Party, Turkey

41. Communist Party of Ukraine

42. Union of Communists of Ukraine

43. Freedom Road Socialist Organization [USA]

44. Party of Communists USA

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