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Colombian labor union solidarity with Chicago teachers and students

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from FENSUAGRO, the largest agricultural workers union in Colombia. Nidia Quintero the Secretary General of FENSUAGRO is attending the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago starting on April 1, the same day as the large teachers union protests in Chicago. DECLARATION OF SOLIDARITY WITH THE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OF CHICAGO

The Executive Committee of the National Unitary Labor Federation of Agricultural Workers, “Fensuagro”, declares its solidarity and support for the teachers and students of the City of Chicago on the occasion of their historic struggle now underway for just economic and social grievances:

These actions by the city government of Chicago are a clear violation of the fundamental rights of the teachers, students, and parents since education is a fundamental right in every country of the world. It is an obligation of the state to guarantee adequate installations for the children and youth that they might have spaces and places adequate for their learning. The teachers are the persons that help in the training and growth of these children and youth so that they might be excellent men and women in the future. Accordingly, in repayment for their priceless social value, the state must not scrimp in its efforts to provide the necessary guarantees so that they can do their work well.

Consequently if the teachers do not have guarantees for their welfare and the state refuses to recognize their social functions, the people must struggle for what is theirs, because in these struggles they are calling for the right to a life with dignity. These struggles deserve backing. Therefore, teachers, students, parents and friends of the struggle, receive from Colombia, in the name of the rural communities and agricultural workers who have always strived and continue to strive for better conditions of life with dignity and peace. We desire for you the best successes in this strike.

With fraternity and solidarity:


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