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Coalition to March on the RNC: ‘We will march with or without a permit’

By staff

Coalition to March on RNC protesting in Cleveland, OH, Republican National Conve

Jacksonville, FL – Members of the Coalition to March on the RNC applied for permits several weeks ago from the City of Jacksonville to march against Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention on August 27. After not receiving any response about the permit application for several weeks, the Coalition still plans to march against Trump and the RNC regardless of the city’s decision to issue or deny a permit for the march.

The Coalition to March on the RNC organized large protests against previous RNCs in 2008 (St. Paul), 2012 (Tampa), and 2016 (Cleveland). Thousands are expected to participate in the historic rally and march in Jacksonville. The event will begin with a rally including prominent speakers near the Duval County Clerk of Courts and will include a march through downtown Jacksonville. The march will pass within sight and sound of the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena and the Republicans.

The main slogan of the event is “We Can’t Breathe – Defeat Donald Trump.” The Coalition to March on the RNC is emphasizing the Black-led struggle against police brutality. The Coalition also stands for a people’s agenda – money for living wage jobs, education, universal healthcare, rights for immigrants, peace and equality.

Wells Todd, a main organizer of the event, says “The lack of police accountability nationwide, endless war, poverty wages, attacks on women’s rights, refusing to address climate change, the destruction of our public schools and the refusal by Trump to provide life-saving assistance during this pandemic are just a few of the reasons why we need to protest the RNC.”

On August 27, the Coalition to March on the RNC is preparing to march on the RNC at the same time as Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech. Activists are traveling from all over the country to rally and march against the Republicans and the event is expected to be successful – regardless of whether the city issues permits or not.

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