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Coalition to March on the DNC responds to Biden’s decision to stay home

By staff

Milwaukee, WI – While Joe Biden shelters himself from COVID-19 and the movement for Black lives in Milwaukee, the Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be in the streets. Regardless of whether Biden comes to Milwaukee or not, the Democrats will hear from the people on the front lines fighting police crimes, especially the families who have lost loved ones to killer cops.

“Our main goal as a group is to defeat Donald Trump. He is the key figure in promoting racist killings of Black, Latino and indigenous people, whether by vigilantes or the police,” said Ryan Hamann, one of the co-chairs of the Coalition.

Hamann continued, “But we need to also be clear in demanding that Joe Biden and the Democrats stop these killer cops who operate in Democrat-controlled cities like right here in Milwaukee. We must continue to build the people’s movements, especially against police crimes and for community control of the police.”

The Coalition is working to unite the families of victims of killer cops, particularly in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, to attend and speak at the event on August 20.

The Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, a member organization of the Coalition, is an integral part in the fight for justice for victims of killer cops locally. They’ve led or participated in many of the actions demanding justice for “Thee Three” – Alvin Cole, Jay Anderson and Antonio Gonzales.

“What we’re hoping to do during the DNC is shine a spotlight on the fact that killer cops exist everywhere, whether it’s a big city like Milwaukee or a small town like Oshkosh. We want to bring together as many families as possible from across Wisconsin,” said Lauryn Cross, a leader with the Milwaukee Alliance.

“We want to make sure their cases get the national attention and pressure that they deserve. Cops are killing Black, Latino and indigenous people without consequence. They’re occupying our communities all across the country. We can’t breathe,” said Cross.

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