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Coalition to March on the DNC endorses anti-Trump protest at RNC

By staff

Milwaukee, WI – The Coalition to March on the DNC is getting behind the massive anti-Trump protest that is set for the Republican National Convention.

On June 26, a national call was sent out by organizers in Jacksonville, Florida to join them in marching on the Republican National Convention. The main slogan of this action is “We Can’t Breathe – Defeat Donald Trump!” – a strong message in the midst of continuing protests stemming from the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others.

On August 27, Donald Trump will be at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena to deliver an acceptance speech for his re-election bid for president. Organizers in Jacksonville have moved decisively to form the Coalition to March on the RNC to ensure that Trump is met with a massive response from the people.

1000 miles to the north, the Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention has been organizing since April 2019 to lead a mass mobilization on the first day of the DNC in Milwaukee. The expressed goal of this coalition from the start has been the defeat of Donald Trump through the promotion of a broad people’s agenda and the strengthening of the people’s movements needed to win the demands.

This being the case, it has been unanimously agreed that the Coalition to March on the DNC has officially moved to endorse the action being organized by the Coalition to March on the RNC.

“Donald Trump is a racist; Donald Trump is a bigot; and Donald Trump is anti-worker,” said Ryan Hamann, co-chair of the Coalition to March on the DNC. “Trump has given lip-service to the movements in the streets, saying the killing of George Floyd was a ‘terrible thing,’ but these words are meaningless from a man who has instigated racist violence every step of the way on his march to the White House.”

Hamann continued, “The Coalition to March on the DNC is proud to endorse the action in Jacksonville against Trump. This president is the best representative of a system in its death throes. He is the wretched underbelly of this country exposed in all its infamy. The people will continue to rise to meet Trump wherever he is. Whether it’s at the ballot box or in the streets, we will beat him and all he stands for.”

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