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Coalition announces intent to march on the RNC in 2024

By Ryan Hamann

Milwaukee press conference announces march on Republican National Convention.

Milwaukee, WI – Cameras and microphones of news outlets were out in force the afternoon of August 5 as members of organizations hosted a press conference outside City Hall in downtown Milwaukee to announce the formation of the Coalition to March on the RNC 2024. The press conference came only a few hours after the decision of the Republican National Committee became official following a vote at their summer meeting in Chicago.

“Today we stand here, with our coalition partners, to make our intentions clear to the RNC and the city of Milwaukee: We will not let the Republicans and their reactionary ideas flourish in Milwaukee. We will not let them visit without resistance and without letting it be known that they are not welcome here, regardless of what our city officials say,” said Omar Flores of the Coalition to March on the RNC, the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).

FRSO has a history of helping to lead coalition protests against the RNC, having done so in Minneapolis in 2008, Tampa in 2012 and Cleveland in 2016 (the in-person event in 2020 was canceled). They’ve also helped lead a protest against the Democratic National Convention when it was hosted in Milwaukee in 2020. The city of Milwaukee was less than accommodating over the course of organizing for the demonstration at the DNC. Organizers expect nothing less this time around with the RNC coming to town.

“We will be applying for a permit to march on the RNC, but we’ll be marching whether we have a permit or not,” Flores said. “We only hope that the city cooperates.”

“We are looking to unite all forces under the banner of our coalition who can be united with. As it was with our march on the DNC, we expect our event to take on a national character, with organizations from all around the U.S. joining us in our fight against the right,” Flores continued. “Folks from all walks of life that have a conscience, and want to fight against the Republican’s agenda, we invite you to join the mass march on the RNC in Milwaukee in 2024!”

Any groups or organizations interested in endorsing the coalition and becoming an official partner to the project should send inquiries to [email protected]. For more information about the coalition and what they’re up to, interested parties can follow their social media accounts on Facebook (@MarchOnTheRNC) and Instagram (@marchonrnc2024).

Fight against the Republican agenda! Defend and expand democratic rights! Demand peace, justice and equality!

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