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Coal miners vow to continue strike despite temporary restraining order From Alabama Judge

By staff

Tuscaloosa AL – On October 28 a Tuscaloosa judge granted a temporary restraining order filed by the Warrior Met Mine where around 1,100 members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) have been on strike since early April after voting down an offer from the mine by a 95% majority. The order prohibits “picketing or other activity” within 300 yards of the mine entrances and any activity that interferes with “the conduct and operation of Warrior Met’s business and supporting activities”.

7 months into the strike the miners have vowed to continue their strike regardless of the temporary restraining order. Warrior Met has already taken more than $1.4 billion in Concessions from the miners according to the UMWA

Cecil E. Roberts, International President of UMWA, stated “Consider for a moment that the Wall Street bankers who are calling the shots at Warrior Met took $1.4 billion in workers’ concessions out of Alabama communities and sent it up to New York to line their pockets. And then sucked another $750 million from the company’s revenues almost immediately after Warrior Met emerged from bankruptcy”.

Roberts went on to say “Consider also that for the last several months, Alabama State Police have been working on the public’s dime to escort out-of-state strikebreakers who have been brought in to take Alabama taxpayers’ jobs. Where is the sense in that? We have seen no protest or investigation by our state’s leaders about this clear misuse of taxpayer dollars.” and “Let me be clear: We remain ready to engage in serious and good-faith negotiations to resolve this dispute, but this TRO will not stop our strike”

The company sites safety as the reason for the TRO, however Warrior Met has long been attempting to bring in scab workers to replace the miners and try to break their strike. This order forbidding picket lines near entrances to the premises of the mine is another way for Warrior Met to attempt to outlast the strikers by using scab labor.

The miners continue to be resolved to strike for as long as it takes.

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