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China refutes lies about new air identification zone

By staff

Says Japan is ‘trying to deny the result of the World War II’

Minneapolis, MN – Geng Yansheng, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, made an important statement in Beijing, Dec. 3 on China's establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

The release of the statement coincided with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to China and come on the heels of provocative unannounced flights of U.S. war planes in the identification zone.

Geng stated that the establishment of the zone is “a necessary measure for China to protect its state sovereignty and territorial and airspace security. It is conducive to maintaining flying safety in international airspace, and is in line with international laws and conventions.”

Geng noted the ADIZ was not a ‘no fly zone’ and that it did not undermine the freedom of over-flight. He also stated, “Some people doubt China's monitoring capabilities in the East China Sea ADIZ. The Chinese military's determination and volition to safeguard the security of national territory and territorial airspace are unwavering and the military is fully capable of exercising effective control over the East China Sea ADIZ. Generally, supervision and control are exercised through reported flight plans and radar response and identification, among other means. Military planes can also take flight if necessary to identify entering targets. Measures to be taken are based on factors such as an entering aircraft's attributes – military or civilian, the extent of threat, or distance. Fighter planes are unnecessary when an entering aircraft is found to pose no threat to us, but necessary surveillance is needed; when the entering threat is ascertained to reach a certain extent, military aircraft will be mobilized at an appropriate time to dispose of the situation.”

Speaking on the role of Japan, which has its own ADIZ, Geng stated, “Since September 2012, Japan has been making trouble over territorial disputes, staging a farce by announcing that it would ‘purchase’ the Diaoyu Islands, frequently sending vessels and planes to disturb Chinese ships and planes in normal exercises or training, openly making provocative remarks such as shooting down Chinese drones, playing up the so-called China threat, escalating regional tension, creating excuses for revising its current constitution and expanding its military, trying to deny the result of the World War II, and refusing to implement the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation. Japan's actions have seriously harmed China's legitimate rights and security interests and undermined the peace and stability in east Asia. China has to take necessary reactions.”

One aspect of the U.S. ‘pivot towards Asia’ is strengthening relations with Japan and other countries in the region to counter People’s China. The overall aim of the ‘pivot’ is to dominate the Pacific region.

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