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Call for videos: Support immigrants at the border

By staff

L4A call for border solidarity

Fight Back! is circulating the following call for solidarity from the Legalization for All Network.

Show Your Support for Immigrants at the Border

The Legalization for All Network is calling on all who are interested in showing support for the undocumented, to make a short 30-second video. Legalization for All Network (L4A) is a national movement challenging the oppressive and harmful policies of Operation Lone Star. Operation Lone Star was created in 2021 and uses various tactics to further militarize the U.S./México border. It is the joining of forces between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Military Department. Under Governor Greg Abbott in July of 2023, $1million buoys were dropped in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo waters. These buoys are equipped with razor-sharp saws, chained to the bottom of the river (so they are immobile), and wrapped with concertina wire. While the buoys are dangerous and have already claimed lives, continued efforts have been to also remove the longstanding concertina wire along the river.

The latest request for video solidarity is in support of the people of Eagle Pass, Texas. They are organizing against human rights violations at the border. All are asked to give voice to and demand justice and peace for immigrants and border communities. L4A wants to see and hear messages of support, stories of resistance, and visions of change.

Videos will be spliced together by Jordan Peña from Los Angeles’ Centro Community Service Organization, and the video will be played during a vigil. The vigil will be held on October 23rd, for the lives lost at the Eagle Pass/Mexican border. It is being led by the coalition Border Vigil, which is part of L4A.

Videos should be submitted by Monday, October 16th, by emailing [email protected]. They should be no longer than 30 seconds. Videos should mention the recent atrocities at the border, shout support for Eagle Pass, and use the legalization for all demand. Any language, style, or format is allowed, as long as it is respectful and relevant. Organization shirts are welcome. Filming should be done preferably outside or at city landmarks. All devices or platforms are allowed, such as phones, cameras, laptops, or social media. Participants are asked to tag Legalization for All or direct message a link to videos.

Go here for complete video instructions and guidelines.

For organizations and individuals interested in joining L4A visit @LegalizationForAll on social media or email [email protected].

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