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Brown Berets of Minnesota hold protest honoring Mario Sanchez

By Sam Martinez

Minneapolis, MN – On August 9, over 100 people gathered on the corner of 35th Street and Chicago Avenue, the site where Mario Sanchez was killed during community violence on July 27. The protest was called by the newly-formed Minnesota chapter of the Brown Berets, the broader immigrant rights and Black liberation movements, and the American Indian Movement. Family and organizers believe the case has remained uninvestigated by the Minneapolis Police Department due to its proximity to the site where George Floyd was murdered Memorial Day weekend and because of Sanchez’s immigration status.

In spite of the everchanging Minnesota weather, the protesters gathered for an opening ceremony led by Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue (Precious Mother Earth learning community). Representatives from the American Indian Movement (AIM) also participated in the ceremonies. Organizers arranged for vendors to sell bebidas, paletas and platos. Marshals from the various Black liberation movement groups, including the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar (TCC4J) assisted with security. There was a heavy youth presence at the event including Sanchez’s friends. Protesters from the closed intersection of 38th Street and Chicago, where George Floyd was killed, also attended and spoke.

Speakers from the national liberation movements stressed the need for unity between movements and confirmed that the police weren’t the answer and that the Minneapolis Police Department neglected the needs of oppressed nationalities. They highlighted the MPD’s unwillingness to investigate due to Mario’s immigration status and the proximity to the George Floyd memorial site.

Organizers vowed to get Justice for Mario Sanchez and for Chicano liberation.

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