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Black Lives Matter plans protest at Mall of America demanding justice for Jamar Clark

By staff

Black Lives Matters protest at Mall of America.

Minneapolis, MN – Black Lives Matters Minneapolis announced Dec. 17, that a #Justice4Jamar protest will move forward at the Mall of American in Bloomington, unless authorities release the tapes of Clark’s killing, prosecute the police by a special prosecutor without a grand jury, and bring federal terrorism charges against the white supremacists who shot protesters at the Fourth Precinct police station.

Clark was murdered by Minneapolis police. Witnesses state he was handcuffed at the time.

The Mall of America protest will take place on Dec. 23 if the demands of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis are not met.

One year ago, 3000 community members converged on the Mall of America and were met by police in riot gear who closed down the mall for several hours. Eleven organizers were charged with conspiracy charges and $40,000 in restitution for police overtime and lost profits was demanded from them. All the charges were ultimately dismissed after a judge said the charges didn’t “pass constitutional muster.”

“We have endured an armed white supremacist terrorist attack where five of us were shot, police violence, over 50 arrests on highway 94 and at the Fourth Precinct, and freezing temperatures to demand justice for Jamar Clark. If it’s not clear yet: we won’t stop until we get it,” said Miski Noor, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Minneapolis. “Though they destroyed the community space we created, they can’t destroy our resolve to fight until we get justice for Jamar Clark and liberation for Black people.”

“Jamar's family deserves justice this Christmas, and until they get it, there will be no peace,” said organizer Michael Mcdowell, “Authorities must release the tapes, prosecute the police involved – without a grand jury using a special prosecutor – and institute a safety plan to protect our communities from police violence.”

Also planned in the Twin Cities is a major “Justice for Jamar Clark: March and Unity Rally” that is planned for Dec. 19, noon at the Fourth Precinct police station, to be followed by a march. More information here

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