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Big turnout at CD release benefit for activists hit by FBI repression

By Kelly O'Brien

Harry Schmidt speaking at CD release benefit against FBI repression

Minneapolis, MN – More than 200 people gathered here at the 400 Bar, Feb. 18 for a benefit show and CD release party, to support anti-war and international solidarity activists who are facing FBI repression. Sponsored by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR), Queer Student Cultural Center, Anti-War Committee (AWC) and Women Student Activist Collective (WSAC), attendees stood in solidarity with the 24 activists who were raided by the FBI and subpoenaed to a grand jury investigating ‘material support for terrorism.’

Local artists donated their tracks to the Stop FBI CD and played at the show. James Houck, Dead Skull, Misty Rowan, The Running Riot, William Within, Guante and DJ Shannon Blowtorch were included in the line-up. Also highlighted were speeches from Harry Schmidt of the AWC, Grace Kelley of WSAC, and Anh Pham of Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Merchandise and CD sales, along with part of the cover charge and donations were given to CSFR to further support the activists under FBI investigation. Anh Pham gave an update on the case, stating that Chicago Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas, “a very, very bad man with a track record of indicting people working with Middle Eastern solidarity and peace activism,” has recently been placed on the case. It is clear that the investigation is still under way and it is necessary to continue showing solidarity with these political activists.

The energy at the venue was high, with chanting, cheering and a dance party to close the night. As performer Misty Rowan put it, “Do not be afraid of your government; it is they who should be afraid. What do we do? Stand up, fight back!” The message was loud; solidarity is alive in Minneapolis.

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The Running Riot playing at CD release benefit to defend anti war activists hit

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