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Arlington students bash Trump piñata again

By staff

Student winding up to hit Trump piñata.

Arlington, TX – Progressive Student Union had their second Donald Trump Piñata Bash, March 1, at the University of Texas at Arlington for Super Tuesday, the day when the primaries for a majority of the South, including Texas, took place. Twenty people came out to look, take photos and bash the Donald Trump piñata.

The event lasted for half an hour until the piñata was nothing more than a stump.

PSU's Mark Napieralski said that Progressive Student Union is planning to continue its campaign against Trump and the racism and reactionary policies he represents, as they now think it is likely Trump will be the Republican candidate for president.

Napieralski added that the event was important because it was “to bring students together in opposing Donald Trump, and hopefully get into activism to prevent people like Trump, who spout hate speech, from ever gaining momentum.”

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