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Appleton, Wisconsin: 300 march in support of the Palestinian resistance

By Aodhan Bowman

Appleton, WI march in support of Palestinian resistance. | Fight Back! News/staff

Appleton, WI – Defying the notion that small towns in Wisconsin are backward, 300 enthusiastic community members gathered in Houdini Plaza on November 19 to show their support for the Palestinian resistance in the fight for liberation against the Zionist occupiers.

A crowd spanning all ages, nationalities and creeds chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” and waved Palestinian flags before community members told their stories about family members who are struggling to survive the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which has killed over 11,000 people, mostly children.

Reema Abus, a Palestinian student, addressed the crowd, saying, “Over 40 families – entire bloodlines – have been exterminated by the Israelis. They have no more voices, and so I beg you to use your voices. If we do not stand together, and use our voices as one, the Palestinian people will never be free!”

The crowd then marched down College Avenue to Lawrence University, where student speakers came out to give speeches in support of the crowd.

Standing on the chapel steps, Daniel Castillo of the Green Bay Anti-war Committee said, “Our opposition to this genocide has to go beyond just words. We need to be confident in our actions! We can stop them – there are more people who do not support genocide than those who do.”

On the way back, a few hecklers tried to annoy the marchers, but were totally drowned out by chants. Even vehicle horns and engines couldn’t dampen their spirits, as the children in the march took the initiative to make their voices heard despite what a few irritated Zionists tried to say.

Pedestrians passing by the march saw the keffiyehs and flags and rushed to join in, expressing relief and gratitude that the Appleton community came out in such impressive numbers. Police vehicles approaching the march even turned around and drove the other way, unwilling to confront the huge crowd.

The atmosphere of the people in Houdini Plaza was enthusiastic and grateful even until dark. People and families stayed long after the event to connect with organizers and other attendees.

Many of the organizations that put this event on will be traveling to Madison on December 9 as a part of a broader statewide mobilization to the state capitol for Palestine.

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