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Appleton, WI: Lawrence University students rally for divestment

By staff

Appleton, Wisconsin students demand divestment from apartheid Israel. | Fight Back! News/staff

Appleton, WI – On Thursday, April 18, dozens of students gathered at the main hall of the university in support of Appleton Students for a Democratic Society’s (SDS) divestment campaign. This rally came days after Iran struck back against Israel, who two weeks ago, bombed an Iranian consulate in a brazen disregard of international law.

This short but impactful rally saw speakers from several student organizations, and group recital of the classic worker anthem Which Side Are You On. Main hall was once again full of Palestinian flags and students next to the emcee held a banner reading ,“No money in genocide, no money in fossil fuels, financial transparency now.”

Co-chair of Appleton SDS Patrick Sweeney began the rally with a statement on their demands for targeted divestment from weapons and tech manufacturers that contract with and profit off of Palestinian genocide, comprehensive divestment from the fossil fuel industry, the establishment of a code of ethics for moral future investment, and the creation of an accessible financial accountability process.

“We demand material change, no performative statements or pledges, no new classes from national chauvinist professors who refrain from calling the Nakba an ethnic cleansing,” said Sweeney.

Since the beginning of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and the latest barrage of genocidal Israeli war crimes, the Lawrence University administration had done absolutely nothing to acknowledge this, let alone act against this.

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