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Anti-war leaders condemn U.S. drone strikes on Yemen

By staff

Plans for regional anti-drone protest in Chicago

Minneapolis, MN – Meredith Aby of the Twin Cities-based Anti-War Committee condemned the escalating wave of U.S. drone strikes in Yemen, stating, “There have been eight drone attacks in the past two weeks in Yemen which have killed more than 30 people. The U.S. is waging an undeclared war in Yemen and increasing the anger at the U.S. for its use of drones on civilians. It is particularly insulting to our sisters and brothers in the Muslim world that this escalation of drone strikes has corresponded with the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid. The president claims these drone strikes make us safer, when in fact they do the opposite. The people of Yemen see these attacks for what they are – acts of imperialism.”

Joe Iosbaker, of the Anti-War Committee-Chicago, said of the drone strikes, “In May, President Obama told us that the U.S. use of drone warfare would be declining, but clearly that’s not happening. There is no real change in the Obama doctrine of drone war. According to the U.S., we can strike into any country at any time. This is the unlawful behavior of an imperialist country.”

Iosbaker and Aby are helping to organize the Midwest Action Against Drones (MAAD) scheduled for Sept. 29 – 30, under the slogans 'End Drone Warfare Abroad and Spying at Home', 'No Killer Drone for Boeing', 'No New Wars on Iran and Syria', and 'Money for Jobs, Healthcare, and Education – Not for War'.

On Sept. 28, at 3:00 p.m. protesters will gather in Chicago’s Millennium Park for a rally and march to Boeing Headquarters. On Sept. 29, from 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., there will be a conference featuring workshops and activists and organizers from across the Midwest region.

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