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Anti-war activists respond to Obama’s speech, say no to war

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities anti-war activists gathered on the evening of Sept. 10 to listen to the speech by President Obama justifying U.S. plans for military intervention in Syria.

Commenting on the speech, Bruce Nestor, a Minneapolis attorney and member of the National Lawyers Guild said, “We question the intelligence findings and do not believe the U.S. has the moral authority to act or is motivated to protect the people of Syria. We know that bombs and war will not promote human rights. We call on Congress to follow the will of the people and vote no, whether it’s this week or a month from now.”

Meredith Aby of the Twin Cities-based Anti-War Committee states, “If this was really about chemical weapons Obama would call off these threats, but instead he is calling for a continuation of threatening Syria minus the ‘reason.’ In reality this plan to attack is about going after Iran and Syria, because they are a hurdle to U.S. plans for domination of the Middle East.”

Aby continued, “It is a victory for the anti-war movement that Obama is being pressured into taking Russia's deal. If the president had the support of the public he'd go to war without congressional approval. But he can't do that. We have helped lead a public and loud movement of people demanding that they be listened to.

“The point of this speech was to sell war to the American people, but hours before the speech Congress called off its vote. However, Obama made it clear tonight he's having a hard time campaigning for war on Syria. Please come out Saturday [Sept. 14] at 3:00 p.m. to say no to war with Syria! Our work isn't done until the troops and ships threatening Syria are out of the Middle East.”

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