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Amy Klobuchar’s wrongful convictions, Twitterstorm will demand justice for Myon Burrell

By staff

Twitterstorm will demand justice for Myon Burrell.

Minneapolis, MN – On Friday, February 28, activists will be making noise on Twitter and other social media platforms to demand freedom for Myon Burrell and urging voters to reject Amy Klobuchar, who is responsible for his wrongful conviction. The Twitterstorm is being initiated by Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar (TCC4J) using the hashtags #FreeMyon and #NoAmyK to spread their message.

Organizers say presidential hopeful Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar has used Myon’s case – a case full of holes – to claim success as Hennepin County attorney and as an example of her work for the African American community. In fact, the incarceration of Black men and boys increased by 600% during her time as top prosecutor, and she sent a Black teenager, Myon Burrell, to prison for life, for a crime he did not commit.

There was no gun, no DNA or fingerprints, and the only witness claimed to have seen 5’3” Burrell shooting over a five-foot tall fence. The real shooter, Ike Tyson, got a reduced sentence to testify that Myon was involved. Klobuchar pushed for a second trial after Burrell’s first conviction was overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court. In that trial, Tyson testified that Myon Burrell was never involved. The judge from his first trial came out of retirement to ensure that his first ruling was upheld, and Burrell lost in a second trial. Before the second verdict, Klobuchar was senator, and never looked back.

“Except she did look back!” say organizers. “Time and again, she used this case as fodder for her political campaigns. And Myon Burrell has now spent half his life in prison for a crime that someone else has confessed to, and is also in prison for.” An in-depth report by the Associated Press brought forward evidence of Myon’s innocence, as well as misconduct by police and prosecutors in this case. When asked about these reports, Klobuchar sidesteps. She goes back to the victim of the case and how tragic it was and does not address the racism and injustice of Burrell's imprisonment.

All signs point to Myon Burrell not being the only case like this on Klobuchar's record. During her time as county attorney, she increased the imprisonment of Black and brown folks by 600%. She appealed to win extended sentences for immigrants to ensure mandatory deportation and family separation.

“Is this really who we want winning Minnesota on Super Tuesday? TCC4J says hell no! We are asking for everyone who finds the actions of Klobuchar disgraceful to join us in making some noise! We can make a nightmare for her campaign, and make sure everyone hears the truth about Myon Burrell by flooding social media with content to demand a #FreeMyon and #NoAmyK.”

Supporters can join the effort all day Friday on all social media platforms, though organizers are prioritizing 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. TCC4J will be posting all day, and is sharing sample content at

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