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Allied Ready Mix workers strike to protect health care

By Fight Back

Tampa, FL – Over 40 Allied Ready Mix workers, represented by Teamsters Local 89, have been on strike since October 8. The workers are striking over a concession-filled contract, primarily because of proposed cuts to health care. The company has refused to negotiate with the union and a mediator will contact them again on October 22.

Allied Ready Mix is a Louisville-based concrete supplier. The strike so far has been effective, according to Local 89 Principal Officer Fred Zuckerman. “They’ve got the place locked up. They’re not doing anything. They’ve got some office people going in there but they have not hired any replacement drivers yet,” Zuckerman said.

The employees are striking because of a number of concessions, most notably over proposed cuts to health care. The company is seeking to increase premiums, lower health care plan options and increase deductibles. “When you start toying with health care, everything falls like dominoes,” said Zuckerman.

Local 89 is urging supporters to call Allied Ready Mix at 502-587-6679 and demand that they negotiate with their employees.

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