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'Alex Saab: A Kidnapped Diplomat' global movie premiere September 16

By staff

Miami, FL – Friday, September 16 marks the worldwide premiere of a new documentary out of Venezuela, 'Alex Saab: A Kidnapped Diplomat'. The movie will premiere at the Bolivar Theater in Caracas at 7 p.m. Eastern Time and will be hosted by President Nicholas Maduro. The film will be streaming live on YouTube at that same time and solidarity activists will be gathering simultaneously in cities across the world to watch the documentary together.

A dozen cities throughout the United States, from New York City to Miami, to Chicago to Tucson, will host livestreaming events of the movie.

“It is imperative that activists in the United States show solidarity with the people of Venezuela, who have been tirelessly resisting illegal actions by the United States against their country for over a decade,” said Tom Burke, organizational secretary with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. “We have been part of the Free Alex Saab Committee since its inception, and we will be watching the film here in Grand Rapids, Michigan to express our unity with the Bolivarian Republic and its people, and to demand the release of their heroic diplomat.”

Alex Saab was illegally arrested, tortured and imprisoned simply for securing funds, food items and medicine for the people of Venezuela to continue to thrive. For over a decade, the United States has tried to wreak havoc on Venezuela through multilateral sanctions (even during COVID), attempted destabilization efforts, and even assassination attempts – all tactics that have failed miserably and which Venezuela has overcome, in large part thanks to the work of patriotic Venezuelans like Alex Saab.

By putting Saab on trial, the United States has gone against international and U.S. laws alike. International law clearly states that diplomats cannot be extradited, arrested and imprisoned by foreign governments, especially for made-up charges such as the one against Alex Saab. The United States is clearly an empire on its last legs, and it is lashing out with all tools in its arsenal, trying not to lose its grasp on global hegemony, which it sees slipping from its fingers.

We demand the U.S. government stop all attacks on Venezuela, its people, and its representatives! Free Alex Saab!

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