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AFSCME Local 3800 stands in solidarity with striking Kohler workers

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – “The strikers at Kohler are fighting for all workers. They are fighting for our future. We need to stand with them,” says Cherrene Horazuk, the president of AFSCME Local 3800, the union that represents clerical workers at the University of Minnesota.

On Nov. 19, members of AFSCME 3800 adopted a resolution in support of the Kohler workers and agreed to send them $250 to help their strike.

The resolution reads:

Solidarity with UAW 833 – Kohler Workers on Strike!

Whereas, 2000 Kohler workers in Wisconsin are on strike to win higher pay and an end to the two-tier wage system.

Whereas, as trade unionists we believe in the principles of equal pay for equal work, the right to a living wage, and the power of solidarity.

Whereas, UAW 833 is fighting against a two-tier wage system that betrays future workers and undermines those principles.

Whereas, the strength of UAW 833 is in their unity and determination as evidenced by the fact that 94% of the union's members voted to strike.

Whereas, past struggles of Kohler workers, including the longest major strike in US history, have inspired the labor movement for generations.

Whereas, the current action by UAW 833 will play an important role in the post “right to work” era in Wisconsin, showing labor unions once again how to bring back the fight and win for working people.

Therefore be it resolved, that AFSCME 3800, University of Minnesota Clerical Workers, stands in solidarity with the members of UAW 833 who are on strike for higher pay and an end to the two tier wage system.

Be it further resolved, that AFSCME 3800 encourages its members and members of the broader labor movement to support the strike through donations to the strike fund and participation in strike support activities.

Be it finally resolved, that AFSCME 3800 will encourage AFSCME Council 5, AFSCME International, Minnesota Central Labor Councils of the AFL-CIO, and the MN AFL-CIO, to pass similar resolutions and provide support as needed to the striking union members.

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