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Activists in Lufkin, TX protest Trump's attack on Syria

By Ian Cox

Lufkin, TX – Members of the April Sixth Anti-War Coalition (ASAC) held a ‘Hands Off Syria’ demonstration, April 8, in front of the Ward R. Burke Federal Courthouse in downtown Lufkin. The anti-war activists gathered around the courthouse with signs that read “Hands off Syria,” and “No to war.” They chanted, “What do we want? Hands off Syria!!” and “No justice, no peace, U.S. out of the Middle East!”

Angelica Hernandez, a member of Students for a Democratic Society, said, “Donald Trump and his henchmen in the White House have no right to bomb Syria. Trump does not care about the Syrian people; if he did we would not be going to war and we would be opening our borders to refugees.”

Hernandez also stated that SDS would be calling another emergency anti-war action on the local college campus on Tuesday, April 11.

The organizations that took part in this demonstration included Students for a Democratic Society, Lufkin Anti-War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the Communist Party USA.

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