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A Victory for the Palestinian People as the Struggle Continues! USPCN Statement on Temporary “Truce Agreement”

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN).

The U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) salutes our steadfast Palestinian and Arab people for their courageous self-defense and unified resistance to the ongoing U.S.-backed Israeli genocide against our people in all of Palestine, especially Gaza.

Although we mourn, with deep sadness and grief, the 14,000 Palestinians who have already been killed, which includes 5,500 children, USPCN recognizes the recent truce agreement between the Unified Palestinian Resistance and Israel as an interim victory for the Palestinian people, a clear indication that Israel failed to meet its military objectives after October 7th. With this deal, 150 Palestinian women and child political prisoners will be liberated from occupation jails, humanitarian aid will enter Gaza, and the besieged people of Gaza will gain at least five days of reprieve from vicious, U.S.-backed Israeli bombing. The Resistance also knows that it now has political leverage to force an extension of this suspension of Israel’s war crimes against the people.

The demand of the Resistance, from day one, was an exchange of Israelis (including a number of very high-ranking military officials) captured on October 7th and Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. Israel rejected the deal, and instead, vowed to “eliminate the resistance” and “turn Gaza into a parking lot.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly stated that there would be no end to the attacks on Palestine until all the Israelis were returned home, but the Resistance has forced Israel to concede, and proven to the world that Netanyahu is a weak, ineffectual liar.

After rejecting the October 8th deal, Israel then launched a massive bombing campaign against the people of Gaza, destroying hospitals, schools, mosques, a church, bakeries, and hundreds of residential buildings, as well as heavily damaging the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip. Israel also cut off food, water, electricity, fuel, and communication lines, and prevented the entrance of medical resources and humanitarian aid.

Even with its ground invasion and all the damage it inflicted upon the people of Gaza, Israel’s occupation forces and government still failed to achieve any significant military or political victories, and even the blatant propaganda videos and pictures of the Israeli army in Gaza’s hospitals and schools tell the truth of failure and defeat. The Unified Palestinian Resistance, which, under international law, has the right to resist illegal occupation by any means necessary, continued fighting back and resisting the aggression all the way up until last night’s agreement. This paints a clear picture to the world – the Resistance has not been defeated and continues to defend its people.

On October 24th, Israel was afforded the opportunity to stop its killing and ongoing massacres, as the Resistance again proposed a prisoner swap (this time of Israeli elderly and infirm), which again was rejected by Netanyahu and his ultra-right, racist cabinet officials. Now, 45 days after the beginning of its bombing campaign, Israel has agreed, seeing no possible path to any victory.

The series of events that started on October 7th have changed the power dynamic in the region forever, and shortened the life of the racist, white supremacist, apartheid, zionist Israeli occupation. The Palestinian people have shattered the idea of an “invincible” Israeli army, and proven that even an army in possession of the most advanced warfare technology is capable of being confronted and challenged. Israeli society as a whole is in disarray and crisis, facing consequences of 75 years of its illegal occupation and colonization.

Regionally, the Lebanese Resistance also responded to defend the Palestinian people; the Yemenis attacked Israel and captured an Israeli cargo ship; and the Iraqi Resistance attacked illegal U.S. military bases in the region. They have set a new standard in the fight for the liberation of ALL Arab lands!

This interim victory in the Palestinian national liberation struggle is also significant because Israel has been defeated politically as well. To justify its atrocities and war crimes, and backed unconditionally by its U.S. and other Western puppet masters, Israel is conducting a vicious and sadistic propaganda campaign against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims. The masses of the world, however, saw through these lies, and Israel is being exposed as what it is: a criminal, illegal, racist, settler-colonialist state.

The genocide also exposes Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all those in the U.S. political establishment who are cheerleaders for war crimes and genocide. It exposes their double standards, anti-Arab racism, and hypocrisy, and makes it clear that they care only for the U.S. empire and not at all for the lives of oppressed people like Palestinians.

Millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide hit the streets, blocked major highways, disrupted government operations and offices, and protested weapons manufacturers. Several countries, like Colombia, Chile, Chad, and others recalled their ambassadors from Israel. South Africa closed the Israeli embassy and, like Bolivia, suspended diplomatic relations.

But we must remain steadfast and understand that Israel is not to be trusted. Its government, military, and spokespeople lie all the time, as we have especially seen in the past 45 days. And it has also been violating agreements for decades. We must continue to be out in the streets, pay close attention to the political guidance of our people back home, and never waver in our demands to stop the genocide immediately, end the siege on Gaza now, and end all U.S. aid to Israel; or in our overall thawabet, or “constants,” including the right to resist Israeli occupation and colonization of all Palestinian and Arab lands, the right of self-determination and liberation From the River to the Sea, and the Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees and their descendants. This truce is a positive development that the Unified Palestinian Resistance has forced, but it is a long, protracted battle that our people fight.

Despite the immense suffering that our Palestinian people have faced and will continue to face, the will to resist and to return and live on our historical land has never wavered. On the contrary; it has grown stronger, even after the past 45 days, and we can see our liberation more clearly than ever.

The brave Palestinian people and their Unified Resistance will continue to stand tall against the U.S.-backed zionist aggression! We mourn with them our martyrs, and we pledge to continue organizing until Liberation and Return!

Long live the Palestinian struggle for national liberation and equality! Long live international solidarity! Long live Palestine!

U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN)

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

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