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65,000 March on Wisconsin State Capitol, fighting back against Governor Walker

By Daniel Ginsberg

Students for a Democratic Society, others join protest against Governor Walker's

Madison, WI – 65,000 workers and their supporters marched on Wisconsin's Capitol, March 10, marking one year since the fight back against Governor Scott Walker's war on the people began.

In March 2011, Gov. Walker's passage of union-busting SB 11 led to a revolt as teachers from around the state participated in a ‘sick-in,’ calling in sick to work and inspiring an uprising where over 100,000 workers, students and supporters surrounded and occupied the State Capitol. 14 state senators were compelled to flee the state to avoid a quorum. The bill was halted for months as protests spread throughout the state.

“Tens of thousands of people returned to the Capitol today because they know the power of the people can win this fight,” said Alicia Skeeter, who came to join the Occupy Wisconsin contingent.

Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Wisconsin Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin and an icon of the uprising, gave a rousing speech. “We are on the right side of history. Solidarity!”

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