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500 march against Trump in Miami, protest shuts down I-95

By staff

500 people marched through the streets of downtown Miami, Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, in opposition to the Trump/Pence agenda. The protest was called for by the Anti-Trump Action Committee and brought together a diverse crowd of labor, immigrant rights, anti-war and Black Lives Matter activists. The groups united around the slogan: “Stop the Trump Agenda.”

The march started in Bayfront Park at 6:30 p.m. and shut down the entire downtown area for three hours. Despite efforts by the City of Miami Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol to end the march by blockading the roads, protesters were able outfox and confuse the police and successfully shut down I-95. At one point, police cars formed a barricade across the highway, but the determined protesters were unfazed and poured through, over, and around the cars chanting, “Take the streets!”

The protest ended on the steps of the American Airlines Arena with speeches by leaders from various organizations and movements. The speeches focused on ways that people can continue to fight back by joining local grassroots organizations and continuing to attend mass mobilizations against Trump, Pence and their agenda.

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