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30,000 march against war at the RNC

By staff

protesters carrying banner that says: US OUT OF IRAQ!

St. Paul, MN – On September 1, the opening day of the Republican National Convention, 30,000 people rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol and marched against the war. It was the largest anti-war march in the U.S. this year.

The four main themes of the march were U.S. out of Iraq now; money for human needs, not for war; say no to the Republican agenda; and demand peace, justice and equality.

The march was led off by large contingents of veterans, immigrants, labor, poor people, Somalis, Palestinians, and students.

Veterans around and behind a flag-draped coffIn for USMC L/CPL ALEXANDER S. ARR

Protesters with banner: STOP THE WAR ON IMMIGRANTS.

Teamsters Local 743 banner at the head of the contingent.

Welfare Rights Committee signs say: Money for Human Needs Not for War

Banner says, "Fund Education Not Occupation"

Banmer reads: Stand against imperialism, racism and the RNC: NO WAR! NO McCAIN!

Riot police with batons at the ready.

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