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By Mod Behrens

Stop & Shop strikers.

Northampton, MA – On Friday night, April 12, over 20 Stop & Shop employees were gathered outside the King Street store for the second day of a strike called by United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) at stores across New England. Currently there are over 31,000 UFCW workers protesting proposed cuts to health care, take home pay and customer service.


By Shaine Carroll

Denver, CO – Over 8000 employees of King Soopers, supermarket workers represented by the United Food and Commercial Worker’s Local 7 Union (UFCW), voted to strike on March 15, after two days of voting and nearly three months of negotiations with the company.


By Fight Back

Lawrenceburg, KY – On Sept. 21, Four Roses Bourbon workers ended a two week strike and successfully prevented the creation of a two-tier system at their workplace. The strike came after workers rejected a concessionary contract offered by the company. Over 50 workers were involved with the work stoppage and are represented by UFCW Local 10D, UFCW Local 23D and NCFO Local 320.


By staff

Jefferson, WI – Workers here are taking a stand against corporate greed, battling one of the most powerful and vicious companies in the meat packing industry, Tyson Foods. Since Feb. 28, the 450 workers have been on strike against the meatpacking giant, refusing to agree to company demands to gut their union contract and drive down their wages and working conditions.