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By Regina Joseph

Students at FSU celebrate International Students' Day

Tallahassee, FL – On Nov. 17, 50 students gathered on the Florida State University (FSU) campus to celebrate International Students’ Day and express solidarity with student movements across the world, including the recent protests and strikes by students at the University of Missouri. Students held a banner stating “FSU stands with Mizzou: International Students’ Day 2015,” as well as various signs, including “End racism on campus: FSU to Mizzou” and “Justice for the Ayotzinapa 43.”


By Matt Boynton

Minneapolis, MN – More than 200 students gathered at the University of Minnesota (UMN), Nov. 12, to show solidarity with student protesters at the University of Missouri. The rally, organized by the UMN Black Student Union, consisted of speakers representing a number of different student and community groups, including Whose Diversity?, Students for Justice in Palestine, and APIs for Equity and Diversity.