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By Tracy Molm

Rally to support Nenookaasi Ikwe Healing Camp. | Fight Back! News/Aaron Johnson

Minneapolis, MN – The city of Minneapolis announced their intent to close down Nenookaasi Ikwe Healing Camp in the East Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. Nenookaasi is an encampment of primarily indigenous people and has been a safe space for over three months.

Because of the steadfast support of local indigenous elders and other local volunteers, the camp has been home to up to 200 people. Because it provides a stable base, residents have been able to access government services, 74 people have gotten stable housing, and the camp has had zero overdose deaths.


By Jake Holtzman

New York, NY – The New York City Police Department (NYPD) reported Tuesday, April 28 that they kicked over 100 homeless people off of the subways in just one day. The police commissioner claims this new crackdown is about “rules violations” and keeping the subways clean in light of COVID-19. When discussing the large numbers of homeless people sleeping on the subways in his daily news briefing, Governor Cuomo said: “That is disgusting what is happening on those subway cars. It’s disrespectful to the essential workers.”


By Bryn Dayton

Salt Lake City, UT – The Trump administration rang in the New Year by putting millions of lives at risk with the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and threatening a war with Iran. Similarly, Salt Lake City police began 2020 with a violent raid on the homeless community and the organizers fighting to protect them.


By Gregory Murray

Salt Lake City protest demands end to war on homeless people.

Salt Lake City, UT — More than 50 people gathered in the heart of Salt Lake City on August 22 to protest the ongoing “Operation Rio Grande,” an act of police violence that has displaced hundreds of homeless people and led to over 400 arrests in just a few days.


By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Live from Death Row

The following is one in a regular series of commentaries by Mumia Abu Jamal from SCI Greene Prison