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By Fight Back

Police attack Tampa protest against police crimes.

Tampa, FL – Thousands continue to march and demand justice for George Floyd as protests across the Tampa Bay enter their second day. Jane Castor, current mayor of Tampa and former chief of police, enacted a curfew in an attempt to stop the people’s uprising. Despite the curfew and heavy police repression, people are staying in the streets until justice is served.


By Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Central Florida District

In response to the nationwide uprisings in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd, Florida cities and counties along the I-4 corridor, such as Tampa, Orlando, and Polk County, have announced curfews in an attempt to deescalate protests. In addition, Governor Ron DeSantis has deployed the National Guard to Tampa. The Central Florida District of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns these measures as they are motivated by aims to suppress the popular movements against the continuing brutality of the police against the African American community.