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By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following resolution from the 72nd National UE Convention, held Sept. 25-29. The resolution condemns the FBI and grand jury repression aimed at anti-war, labor and international solidarity activists and urges support for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.


By Fight Back! Editors

Make no mistake about it: the Bush administration is waging a war at home and abroad. While bombs rain down on Afghanistan, destroying homes, hospitals and mosques, the White House is presiding over an assault on the rights and on the standard of living of working and oppressed peoples at home.


By Naomi Nakamura

San Jose, CA – On June 2, members of the San Jose Japanese American community met at the Yu-Ai-Kai (Japanese American Seniors' Center). They were there to learn more about the attacks on Arab Americans, Muslims and civil liberties following Sept. 11. Susan Hayase moderated the program on behalf of the Nihonmachi Outreach Committee. In her introduction, Hayase said, “It is happening again,” and pointed the connection between the mass arrests of Japanese Americans following Pearl Harbor and the detention of Arab and Muslim Americans today.