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By Tom Burke

ID's and war materials seized from mercenaries.

Chicago, IL – While the U.S. Navy aggressively patrols their coast, another U.S.-inspired attack on Venezuela failed during the morning of May 3. Venezuelan military and police captured two, and killed eight, armed mercenaries during the confrontation. Traveling by speedboat from Colombia, the invaders’ plan was to join local accomplices near the port of La Guairá. La Guairá is next to Venezuela’s international airport and only 20 miles from Caracas.


By staff

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New York, NY – An emergency action was held at the Venezuelan Consulate in New York City, March 18, after news broke that supporters of the Venezuelan coup were let into Consulate by the State Department. One of the participants was live-tweeting the takeover, claiming that they “assumed control” of the Consulate.