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By staff

Farmworker strike led to formation of the United Farm Workers union

Milwaukee, WI – Sept. 8, 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the grape strike in Delano, California. On that day in 1965 the farmworkers in the Delano area went on strike to demand a raise to $1.25 per hour (the minimum wage at the time, which did not apply to farmworkers), an improvement in working conditions and for union recognition.


By Carlos Montes

Cesar Chavez movie poster

Los Angeles, CA – The movie Cesar Chavez by Mexican actor/producer Diego Luna again puts the public eye on the injustices and harsh working conditions of the mostly Mexicano farm workers in the U.S. It also covers the early history of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) and its first strike and the successful grape boycott against the growers. The movie was funded by mostly Mexican investors and shot entirely in Sonora, Mexico, as it was not a priority for U.S. film makers.