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By staff

Arab community demands: Justice for Murod, justice for Hadi

Oak Lawn, IL – Over 130 protesters shut down the Oak Lawn Police and Fire Commission meeting on July 5 in response to the killing of Murod Kurdi and the beating of Hadi Abuatelah. “We need to clean out the Oak Lawn Police from top to bottom. That's why we're demanding an independent investigation into the Oak Lawn Police Department,” declared Mohamed Sunkari, a leader of the Arab American Action Network (AAAN).


By Husam Marajda

Hadi Abuatelah speaking at press conference.

Oak Lawn, IL – Hadi Abuatelah is a 17-year-old Palestinian youth in Oak Lawn, Illinois. On Thursday, July 28, a cell phone video taken by a Black woman captured the savage beating of Hadi by three white police officers. The video went viral, and the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) immediately called for a protest.