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By Tom Burke

At the Rasmea solidarity event in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chicago, IL – Activists gathered at events around the country to hear Rasmea Odeh and defense attorney Michael Deutsch speak by videoconference, June 11. Deutsch explained the legal basis for Rasmea Odeh’s appeal, explaining that the trial and sentencing were both unfair. He also said while Rasmea Odeh is free now, that may come to a quick end in Cincinnati if the appeal is lost.


By Cassia Laham

Fort Lauderdale, FL- On June 11, activists in the South Florida area will gather to watch Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh speak about the status of her case and what to expect as her legal team files for an appeal. Odeh will be joined in this national live stream event by her lawyer, Michael Deutsch, who has made his mark in the legal community representing victims of government repression and state violence. The South Florida community has shown incredible support for Odeh throughout her trial, and this event will provide those supporters the opportunity to hear an import update on her legal case.


By staff

Nov. 12 press conference on Rasmea Odeh case.

Chicago, IL – Michael Deutsch of the National Lawyers Guild and the People’s Law Office spoke Nov. 12 about the case of Rasmea Yousef Odeh, a 65-year-old, Palestinian American, women's rights activist who was recently indicted and tomorrow faces arraignment Nov. 13 in U.S. District Court in Detroit. The immigration charge against Odeh could result in ten years in prison and deportation for violations in her application for citizenship.