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By Jess Sundin

Struggle to get justice for Jamar marches on

Protest inside City Hall demands justice for Jamar.

Minneapolis, MN – Hundreds descended upon City Hall on Thursday, Dec. 3, after eviction of an 18-day encampment set up to protest the killing of Jamar Clark outside the Fourth Precinct police station. 100 Minneapolis police raided the encampment at 3:45 a.m., arresting eight, then destroying the camp with bulldozers.


By Fight Back! Editors

The following editorial was distributed at the Nov. 24 protests in Minneapolis demanding justice for Jamar Clark. “The whole damn system is guilty as hell!” has been chanted at anti-police brutality protests around the country, and at the occupation of the Fourth Precinct in North Minneapolis this past week. It was proven true in the streets of North Minneapolis last night when white supremacists shot five anti-racist protesters in cold blood.


By staff

Minneapolis, MN – A week-old protest demanding justice for Jamar Clark, who was slain by Minneapolis police, was attacked by a small group of white supremacists at 10:45 p.m. the night of Nov. 23. The racists approached the occupation at the Fourth Precinct police station as they have done for the past few nights, being disruptive and shouting racial slurs. A group of protesters were marshalling the racists away from the main protest when the white supremacists opened fire and shot five people.