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By staff

From left to right: Juan Fresquez, Lena Fresquez-Mendez, and Mario Fresquez at the Jefferson County Courthouse. | Fight Back! News/staff

Golden, CO – On Tuesday, December 12, First District Attorney Alexis King announced she was filing charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter against Jeremy Alan Smith, 39, for the murder of Adam Michael Fresquez, 33.


By Solveig Swain

Students at the Colorado School of Mines support the Palestinian resistance. | Fight Back! News/staff

Golden, CO – Around 3 p.m., November 16, the Students for a Democratic Society at Colorado School of Mines hosted a speak-out of around 80 people on the Colorado School of Mines campus in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. The students of this STEM campus relayed an undeniable message that they stand with Palestine, not the weapons manufacturers that litter their campus.


By Ryan Stitzel

Immediate family members Lena Mendez, Crystal Casillas-Ruiz, and Mario Fresquez

Golden, CO – When Adam Fresquez was murdered in the small suburb of Edgewater just west of Denver, his family was forced to travel all the way to Golden on Friday, August 11 in order to voice their grievances to District Attorney Alexis King. King has refused to press any charges against Fresquez’s killer or even reveal the assailant’s identity. A crowd of around 70 family members, friends, and activists from the community gathered at the DA’s office to demand accountability and transparency in Fresquez’s case.