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By Kristin Ervin

Tallahassee, FL – Recent social media posts revealed that the Tallahassee Police Department Tactical Apprehension and Control Team took part in a training associated with Eddie Gallagher, a retired Navy SEAL accused of numerous war crimes. Most notably, Gallagher was accused of fatally stabbing an injured 17 year old ISIS prisoner named Khaled Jamal Abdullah, posing with the body and sending the picture to friends. Prosecutors painted a picture of Gallagher as needlessly violent and bloodthirsty, bragging about his number of kills. He even went so far as to gloat about murdering innocent civilians. His own fellow SEAL team members described him as “freaking evil” and said he was “perfectly OK with killing anybody who moves”. Gallagher’s website promotes a “warrior culture” with the tagline, “A true warrior seeks only the battle” and features a logo and merchandise with the phrase “seek battle”.