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trans rights

By staff

Madison, WI protest demands Dane County drop anti-trans health care provider. | Fight Back! News/staff

Madison, WI – On Saturday, September 23, activists and allies from the Trans Resistance Action Committee (TRAC) demonstrated outside the Capitol building in Madison to demand that Dane County drop the Dean Health insurance plan.


By Adelana Akindes

Wisconsin SDS protest.

Kenosha, WI – Just in time for the new semester, Students for a Democratic Society at UW Parkside came out victorious in their gender neutral bathrooms campaign from the previous semester. Four bathrooms were converted on campus to support the trans and gender non-conforming community, a demand which some students have been proposing for several years.


By Ryan Hamann

Oshkosh, WI protest opposes Trump's attacks on transgender rights.

Oshkosh, WI – 20 people rallied outside of Polk Library on the UW-Oshkosh (UWO) campus, on the evening of October 29, to stand in solidarity with transgender and gender non-conforming people as they face attacks from the reactionary Trump administration.


By Michela

New Yorkers demand trans rights.

New York, NY – Over 300 people gathered in the heart of the Flatiron District to stand up for trans rights. The call to action was made by several different organizations that belong to the Rapid Feminist Response network, which responded to the Trump administration memo that was uncovered by the New York Times. The memo, put out last spring by the Department of Human Health and Services, was adamantly proposing that all governmental agencies narrowly define gender by the biological sex organ a person was born with.


By Bryn Dayton

Salt Lake City, UT – More than 70 people rallied in downtown Salt Lake City, October 27, to protest Trump’s proposed policies that would erase protections for transgender and non-binary individuals. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at the University of Utah organized the event, in conjunction with other protests by SDS chapters around the country.


By staff

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Northampton, MA – Western Massachusetts Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held a rally and speak out for transgender rights, October 26, in downtown Northampton’s Pulaski Park. Pulaski Park is a block from Smith College, and a short trip from Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Amherst College, and UMass Amherst.


By Gage Lacharite

Tampa SDS protest against attacks on trans rights.

Tampa, FL – More than 50 Tampa area students and community activists gathered at the University of South Florida’s MLK Plaza, October 24, for a rally against Trump’s attacks on transgender rights. The protest was organized by Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).